SMart Data Management

We firmly believe that getting the data right is the key to meaningful insights. Given the variety, volume, and velocity of data, the challenges are tremendous.

Whether it is migrating to new or upgraded systems, integrating data from recently acquired companies, or simply across multiple functions, our SMart suite of solutions, through a combination of services and products, puts you on a sustainable operational footing.

Revenue SMart

Revenue SMart is a comprehensive data solution for all revenue related analysis. Based on our extensive experience in Life Sciences, we have created a fully fleshed-out data model for revenue analysis and related decision support solutions. In addition, all of the warehousing structures and many of the necessary data intake protocols are developed and available to you out-of-the-box. Upfront data analysis is a significant part of any Revenue Analytics project. Through Revenue SMart, daVIZta reduces this time significantly. All that is needed is to identify and map data sources to Revenue SMart’s needs and you have access to the data derived insights that make for better decisions. Lower costs, faster time-to-market and better decisions, that is what Revenue SMart is all about.


Integrate SMart


Mergers and acquisitions are common, some would say, essential, in the Life Sciences industry. The challenges related to M&A activity are tremendous especially when it comes to integrating master and transactional data for the joint enterprise. Integrate SMart is designed to mitigate this pain. It is a data integration offering for performing data quality review, comparison, aggregation, reconciliation, and loading for revenue management integration.

Migrate SMart

There are many legacy revenue and contracting systems in the marketplace. Chances are you are using one of them. Often, companies are beholden to their current systems because the pain of migrating to a new system or upgrade is too great. The Migrate SMart is a data transformation and conversion solution for revenue and contracting system implementations, version upgrades and migrations. So, do not put off those critical upgrades any more, let us help you Migrate SMart.


Customer SMart


Complex organizations have complex IT systems. A consequence of disparate IT systems is the proliferation of data related to the same customer entities. A Master Data Management solution is often a first step towards taking control of critical data assets. Our Customer SMart is a Master Data Management solution for the Life Sciences industry supporting automated loading, customer cross-referencing, class-of-trade assignment and review, and de-duplication. Get control of your data with our Customer SMart solution.