The daVIZta Story


daVIZta was created in 2010 with a fundamental premise: predictable revenue forecasts create healthier companies. Shekhar Yerramilli, who had been working in the Life Sciences industry for many years was acutely aware of inefficiencies in the revenue management workflow in the companies he had worked with. Krishnan Padmanabhan, with his background in Financial IT on Wall Street was very familiar with the value of complex analytical solutions in critical decision making. Together, they launched daVIZta, to help Life Sciences companies make better revenue and contracting decisions based on a solid foundation of data analysis.

What started small has grown significantly. daVIZta now has offices both in the US and India. The daVIZta team are trusted advisors to marketing, finance and compliance leaders in the Life Sciences industry helping on both strategic and tactical initiatives.

daVIZta is defining the term Revenue Analytics for the industry. To us it means a decision support system based on a solid data foundation that helps finance and contracting leaders predict revenue and effectiveness of pricing Incentives. Revenue Analytics covers the entire revenue lifecycle: from Pre-deal Contracting analysis to Post-deal Monitoring and Gross-to-Net analysis. Through its suite of d-Rive Revenue Analytics products, daVIZta is effectively addressing the inefficiencies in revenue management for Life Sciences companies.

We have made great strides in adding value to our clients and we are just getting started. Do check back to see where we’ve been and where we are headed to…