daVIZta – One of New Jersey’s Top 100 Companies to work for

By daVIZta on May 13, 2015 in News

It was a good representation at the NJBiz awards presentation dinner on Thursday April 30th,2015, as daVIZta was gearing up to receive the award for one of NJ’s Best Places to Work the second year in a row. It was an evening of celebration that did not end with the ceremony and continued with the team taking the party to a local sports bar shooting pool, playing table tennis and spending some quality time with each other.

shekhar-kitaIn an email to the company, Co-Founders Shekhar and Kita expressed their excitement and gratitude to the team. “Congratulations to us all! The results are in and daVIZta is one of New Jersey’s Best Places to Work in 2015. It is an honor to win this award two years in a row. Being voted #26 Fastest Growing company in New Jersey was amazing, but, this award speaks much louder to us and makes us incredibly proud that you feel like you belong here at daVIZta and have spoken out and loud about it! daVIZta couldn’t be what it is without each and every one of you … In the past year, we know that you have all worked your hardest, meeting deadlines, surpassing goals, keeping clients happy resulting in them coming back to us with more business. We’ve added new members to our teams, and we even have a few future daVIZtaites waiting in the wings. Each and every milestone, professional or personal, has been important to us and we’ve celebrated them all. Now we celebrate this award.”

As any company coming out of its infancy, growing pains are bound to be experienced; however, daVIZta has been taking them in its stride because every single person that makes up the body of daVIZta works in unison to move the company forward. People genuinely like each other and they have each other’s backs. There is trust in the team and trust in the management. daVIZta’s future looks very bright thanks to the hard work and dedication of every daVIZtaite.

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