NJBIZ names daVIZta as one of the ‘Best Places to Work’

By daVIZta on May 22, 2014 in News

When Shekhar Yerramilli and Krishnan Padmanabhan founded daVIZta in 2010, they were certain that they wanted to make a difference in the Healthcare Industry, but they were even more certain about how differently they wanted to run daVIZta.  They wanted to create a company where everyone was treated like family with the challenge and commitment of playing on a high performance team. Was that even possible? It was an experiment they had to try and it seems to be working.

daVIZta was recognized in 2013 as one of the fastest growing companies in NJ and now as one of the best places to work!!

What is different about daVIZta as a place to work? It’s a company culture stemming from its founders’ unique blend of personal and professional care.

shekhar-kitaAs employees join the company, Shekhar and Krishnan try to convey the hospitality of being at home in the workplace. They not only involve themselves with the careers of their employees, they also recognize milestones, both professional and personal. There are birthday celebrations, and company picnics, holiday parties as well as showers and happy hours and dinners to mark milestones and achievements. Each of these individually might not be unique to daVIZta but how these are experienced at street level is. It’s personal, it’s planned, it’s consistent and it’s woven into the cultural fabric. daVIZta’s culture is one where everyone rolls up their sleeves to work and keeps them rolled up to relax and enjoy this company of friends.

Some of this good feeling and camaraderie is partly explained by the fact that almost everyone has known each other in a past life. The health care industry is a small one, and new members are mostly people who are trusted and capable and known. In many instances, not only are the colleagues friends but their families are too.

So, the fact that daVIZta just won the honor of being one of New Jersey’s Best Places to work in 2014 is “a nice reinforcement of our intentions bearing fruit.” – says Krishnan Padmanabhan, President and COO of daVIZta. “The only way we ever wanted to run a business is where people come first… and it looks like the people have spoken! And I’m happy to be a part of our daVIZta family.” – says Shekhar Yerramilli, CEO of daVIZta.

Here are some reasons why daVIZta was voted NJBIZ’s “One of New Jersey’s Best Places to work.”

The organization has a family first philosophy which motivates employees. The organization also has a sense of honesty and integrity.

Family feel to the culture. Very inclusive and approachable leaders. Provides lots of responsibility to employees. People get along quite well.

Works toward a common goal treats each employee as a vital contributor with valuable input. We have a fun time while getting the job done.

The Founders, having set the tone, are now surrounded by a company of people with the same commitments to excellence and friendship that make daVIZta one of the best places to work in New Jersey (and I think in the industry!)

If you want to be a part of this amazing team check out available positions here.