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resources-corporate-overviewCorporate Overview

An introduction to daVIZta. Our history, our values and what makes us different.

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resources-brochure-DRiveSolutions Overview

A summary of daVIZta's products and services.

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resources-brochure-GTNGross to Net Management

We have built our Gross to Net Management offerings on a clear industry need for in-depth diagnosis of your forecasting and accrual protocols while establishing better practices for your organization, with each process capable of complete integration into our automated GTN environment.

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resources-Insert Government PricingGovernment Pricing

daVIZta’s Government Pricing solution offerings represent an array of business advisory services, data management, and price reporting and analytical software, targeting all aspects of your government contracting, pricing, reporting, and compliance needs.

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Revenue Leakage on 340B PurchasesRevenue Leakage on 340B Purchases

daVIZta’s proven analytical solutions suite to help identify and substantiate potential Diversion and Double Dip occurrences in 340B business, as well as support to manufacturer initiated Covered Entity Audits.

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Managed Care Contract Analytics Managed Care Contract Analytics

Our full range of analytics solutions for Managed Care through Software, Data Management and Consulting.

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Pricing ManagementPricing Management

daVIZta’s software application, data management solutions, and industry expertise drive a seamless, integrated, single version of the truth for all contracts and pricing terms.

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