solutions overview


Software solutions are only as good as the individuals that design, build and implement them. This is where daVIZta shines. We have a diverse team that brings a deep understanding of the challenges that Life Sciences industry faces.
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Managed Services

daVIZta brings decades of industry-level experience to its Managed Services offerings, ensuring optimal operational efficiency and sustained business performance, all while working to mitigate compliance risks.
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d-Rive Revenue Analytics

The d-Rive suite of Revenue Analytics products from daVIZta is built for Finance and Contracting professionals responsible for contracting revenue flows in the Life Sciences industry. It provides insights for the entire revenue lifecycle: from pre-deal analysis to post-deal monitoring and Gross-to-Net analysis.
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d-Rive VIZualizer

The challenge of deriving meaningful conclusions from the tremendous volume of information is considerable. The d-Rive VIZualizer can enhance your BI efforts by visually communicating key metrics, quickly and effectively.
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