Software solutions are only as good as the individuals that design, build and implement them. This is where daVIZta shines.

We have a diverse team that brings a deep understanding of the challenges that Life Sciences industry faces. The team brings a plethora of experience especially in areas related to Revenue Analytics: contracting and compliance, pre-deal modeling, contract operations, government pricing, financial analytics and Gross-to-Net forecasting. So, if you have a thorny problem to tackle in the revenue and contracting lifecycle or just need some help, you do not need to look beyond daVIZta Consulting.

Contract Strategy and Forecasting

Our specialists help you develop customized, evidence-based approaches to contract strategy and forecasting. We can help you implement these approaches through IT systems as well as processes. Once live, modeling, algorithms, and heuristics are typically supported with automation, and may be supplemented with periodic reviews that consider new external factors, and business strategies, as they emerge.


Regulatory and Healthcare Reform Impact


The Life Sciences is an area under constant scrutiny and continuous reform. With the changing landscape it is hard to keep track of what the new regulatory changes mean for your business. Our consultants specialize in keeping up with the regulations and providing you with insight, impact assessments, and implementation assistance. Through field experience we bring better planning and management which helps you estimate and contain compliance-related liabilities.

Modeling Revenue Impact due to Market Events

Disruptive changes are rare but seemingly on the rise. Good businesses need to anticipate and plan for them. We can help you develop point solutions for line item accrual and forecast modeling so that you can analyze the impact due to potential events that could emerge. Is it time to go deeper into your data, or to go further with planning and projecting how you can change the game? Our analytics consultants, drawing upon their extensive experience of turning adversity into opportunity, can bring fresh and informed thinking to your decision-making challenges.


Contracting and Compliance Operations


Government work carries penalties for non-conformance. We help you make sure that you are always on top of the work you are doing with the government. We can help with COT analysis and remediation, custom compliance analytics and assessments for restatements, policy documentation, SOP development and training. We provide expert assurance, and peace of mind in the midst of a sometimes punitive, regulatory environment.