d-Rive Revenue Analytics

The d-Rive suite of Revenue Analytics products from daVIZta is built for Finance and Contracting professionals responsible for contracting revenue flows in the Life Sciences industry.

These analytical solutions provide insights for the entire revenue lifecycle: from pre contract analysis to post contract monitoring and Gross-to-Net analysis. Professionals can make decisions with confidence knowing that they are supported by solid data, modeled for reliability, presented in a timely and useful way.

Gross-to-Net Forecaster

Now finance professionals can expect predictable, reliable and timely forecasts with our Gross-to-Net forecaster. Our d-Rive Revenue Analytics leverage your existing data assets and create a platform that allows for better forecasts, reserve rate management, and predictive modeling. You don’t ever have to scramble for your Gross-to-Net numbers at the end of the quarter again. They are available, on-demand, when you need them. And since our forecaster feeds off of your data assets, it provides constantly updated analysis as new information becomes available.


Pre-Deal Contract Modeler


Significantly improve the odds of negotiating contracts in your favor by using our Pre-Deal Contract Modeler. This sophisticated analytical tool allows for comprehensive ”What-if” analyses, pre-built and custom forecasts prior to finalizing customer contracts. The ability to test multiple levers, compare scenarios and analyze the expected outcome of a “no-deal” scenario, as well as mitigating strategies such as co-pay offset programs ensures that you are fully in control. The best part is that you can test all the levers and their implications before you sign the contract so you always know exactly what you are getting into.

Post-Deal Contract Performance Tracker

Constant monitoring of contracts is essential for both the bottom line as well as an input for future negotiations. Our Post-Deal Contract Performance Tracker makes it easy. Regular and on-demand evaluative analytics compare forecasts to actuals. Contract forecasts are continuously monitored and updated as additional market information becomes available over time. This ensures that you are always on top of your business and your contracts are always performing optimally.