d-Rive VIZualizer

The sheer volume of data being generated in the Life Sciences industry is staggering.

This presents a challenge for a decision maker trying to derive conclusions from it, since much of that data is irrelevant. Summarizing critical information and visually presenting analysis is critical to good decision making. The d-Rive VIZualizer can help.

Built for the Business User

The d-Rive VIZualizer does not require specialized programming skills, it is built with the business user in mind. Analysis is easy and the tool makes visualization a snap. So whether it is historical trend reports or charts of prescriptions, managed care rebates or chargebacks, business users can get to their analysis, and therefore decisions, fast.


Complements BI tools


Most organizations have significant investments in Business Intelligence tools like Cognos, Business Objects and Tableau. These are great tools for production reporting but require specialized skills for creating new reports and are not designed for ad-hoc analysis. The d-Rive VIZualizer fills this need by providing an easy to use platform for business users to conduct quick, useful analysis on the questions they need answered right away.

Built for the Life Sciences industry

The d-Rive VIZualizer comes out-of-the-box enabled for the Life Sciences industry. Using our deep domain expertise in Life Sciences, we have created the entire underlying data infrastructure that a Life Sciences Finance or Contracting decision support system needs. You can reap the benefits of pre-built analysis by very quickly plugging in your data into the d-Rive VIZualizer and enjoying the benefits of insightful, ad hoc analysis.