Managed Services

For the compliance, accuracy, and scalability-conscious manufacturer, the decision to outsource revenue-based contracting, government pricing, and gross to net operational activities is certainly not an easy one. The perceived loss of direct control can be uncomfortable, and the cost of integrating outside experts can be viewed as both a budgetary and a change management challenge.

daVIZta brings decades of industry-level experience to its Managed Services offerings, ensuring optimal operational efficiency and sustained business performance, all while working to mitigate compliance risks. We build inherent trust with our client base through our long-term partnerships. Our iron-clad commitment to excellence represents the cornerstone of our Managed Services success.

Our Managed Services Offerings

  • Government Price Calculation, Reporting, Validation and Submission Services for Medicaid, Federal Supply Schedule, 340B PHS, Medicare Part B, and other Federal and State regulated programs
  • FSS Contracting Support, including FSS Pricing, Contract Negotiation, and on-going Contract Analysis
  • Managed Care, Medicare Part D, and Medicare Coverage Gap Rebate Adjudication Validation, and Payment
  • Medicaid, Managed Medicaid, State Pharmacy Assistance Programs (SPAP), Medicaid Supplemental Programs, and Tricare Rebate Processing, Validation, and Payment
  • Gross to Net Forecasting and Accrual Management Calculation and Reporting Services
  • Class of Trade Assignment and Maintenance

Our Managed Service Offerings

Our Robust Technology

robust technology

As a data and analytics solutions firm, daVIZta fortifies our Managed Services through our industry-tested proprietary technology.

  • Government Pricing: For all government pricing programs
  • Claims: For commercial and government rebate adjudication and validation
  • Gross to Net: For forecasting, accrual management, and reconciliation
  • VIZualizer: For all reports, dashboards, and analytics, including standard and adhoc queries

Our software promotes intense process rigor, improved control, risk mitigation, and stronger auditability – a significant upgrade over traditional spreadsheet processing. Additionally, as this is our proprietary technology we are not beholden to the complexities of third-party software vendor licensing arrangements.

High Touch Model Designed to Anticipate Scale

Companies grow and portfolios blossom. Contracting becomes more complex. Government reporting requirements continue to magnify. Our ‘just the right size’ organization, works intimately with each of our client partners. We can react more quickly to anticipate strategic changes, ascertain the cascading impact on maintaining optimal efficiency and effectiveness, and shepherd our clients along to resolution. Our clients feel ‘one of one’ and not ‘one of many.’

High Touch Model Designed to Anticipate Scale

Operational Expertise

Operational Expertise

Effective Managed Services requires deep expertise across the entire revenue analytics and compliance spectrum. daVIZta represents amongst the most knowledgeable and well-respected revenue management consulting teams in the industry with dozens of years of accumulated rebate adjudication, data validation, reporting, and payment processing experience at your disposal.

Our government pricing team is uniquely positioned to offer clear perspective on the impact of upstream ‘change’ to downstream outcomes. We offer our client base invaluable insights pulling from our reservoir of industry learnings based on our ongoing interactions with commercial payers, Federal and State government agencies, and wholesaler and retail pharmacy entities.